Pastured Chickens 

We raise Freedom Ranger chickens for our pastured meat chickens.  Freedom Rangers are used in France for their pastured poultry system.  They take longer too grow to market weight and have more depth of flavor than fast-growing, industrial-farmed Cornish Cross chickens.  

Our chickens are raised on green pasture year-round and are never confined to crowded chicken tractors or other portable confinement pens which inhibit their natural movement  and behaviors.  They can take dust baths, sleep in green pasture and dig for bugs throughout the day.


Pastured Heritage Turkeys

Our pastured heritage turkey breeding stock are primarily Bourbon Red and Sweetwater and their crosses.  Our turkeys naturally mate and the hens are allowed to raise the poults (turkey chicks) which eventually become the turkeys we harvest for Thanksgiving.  The flavor of our turkeys is outstanding.

As with all our poultry, the turkeys have year round access to green pasture and are allowed to freely roam.  We do not clip their wings so they can fly.  It's not unusual to see one of the "teenagers" standing on the barn rooftop.