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Healing through Farming: Caregiver Retreat for Mothers

A special day of renewal for mothers.  Join our mothers (pigs, sheep, goats, chickens and cows) for a day of self-care and relaxation at Happy Hens Farm.  Join us on an idylic ranch just an hour north of San Francisco for a day of rest, renewal, bodywork and great farm food! The day will include a guided meditation in the morning followed by group process sharing led by Patricia Sullivan. Lunch will include food from the ranch, locally grown organic produce and artisan fermented foods. There will also be ample time to wander around the farm, mingle with the animals and be healed by the land. Throughout the day Doug Miller-Fleig will give each participant a shiatsu treatment, which is an ancient form of hands on healing. This day of restoration is dedicated to the hardworking and big loving Mothers in our life. Of course all are welcome.

Patricia Sullivan and Doug Miller-Fleig

Organizers of Caregiver Retreat for Mothers

Patricia is the owner of Happy Hens Farm and is a former licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT) turned rancher. For twenty years she worked in San Francisco managing a variety of programs for those with HIV, homeless, drug and alcohol addiction, significant mental health issues and histories of incarceration.  Raising livestock became her own personal therapy and antidote for managing burnout and secondary trauma.  She believes healing through farming is a significant and special pathway for caregiver renewal and is happy to be able to share this process with others.

Doug was introduced to Zen meditation in 2000. The next year he traveled to Thailand to live and practice in Buddhist monasteries. In 2003 he met his Qi gong teacher, Sifu Liping Zhu in Berkeley, CA and began his study of balancing the life energies. The relationship between cultivating stillness and evolving in movement has always been a fertile one. When balanced they mutually enrich each other. In 2007 he began his practice of massage, which is mainly informed by shiatsu. This is an ancient form of moving meditation and bodywork that energizes, relaxes and integrates mind/body/spirit. His own practice of qi gong helps revitalize the body after performing deep bodywork and heightens the senses to discern subtle energy patterns, restoring balance to giver and receiver.

Registration is $250, which includes a chef-prepared lunch and massage.  Please register through Eventbrite.